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Originally Posted by SouthSideMike View Post
Bernstein can be interesting at times, but his sanctimonious, self-righteous attitude on sports and social topics gets really grating, and it's left completely unchecked thanks to a senile partner who looks like he's just happy to be there and doesn't feel any need to contribute or challenge his partner's comments.
I generally listen to Satellite Radio or podcasts in the car, but I happened to tune in a couple of weeks ago. Bernstein had Joe Sheehan (sp) on, who Bernstein apparently has a crush on. They were both kissing up Theo's ass when Sheehan said (exact quote) "right now, the Cubs are closer to a World Series than they were in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS." Bernstein agreed.

Click. Credibility out the window. Tuned in a little bit later to hear Bernstein talk about how the Cubs were going to "flip" Soriano. Not sure how you "flip" someone you've already paid $110 million to since 2007. Apparently Bernstein doesn't know the practical definition of "flip" (ie buy low, sell for profit short time later).
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