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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Is that what I said? Of course not. It can be inferred from my statement that I think 140 pitches is harmful to a pitcher in the long term, and the long term isn't the Giants problem And I'm sure they'd have pulled him had he wanted to be pulled. But team let their pitchers go for no-hitters I think 120+ pitches is harmful. All of that wears them down. Sidenote- the Sox, Robin Ventura, lead the majors in pitchers who have thrown over 120 pitches per game.
You can't be suggesting that the Giants believe that throwing 140+ pitches has no harmful effect on a pitcher, can you?
It depends on the pitcher and the situation. Bruce Bochy is a former catcher who would make a very good pitching coach, and I believe that he and the Giants have every reason to care about Tim Lincecum's long-term health. I don't know that there is anything necessarily wrong with pitchers throwing more than 140 pitches in a game. It might be, though, if you expect him to come back on three day's rest. Lincecum was getting more than a week off before his next start.

I don't think pitch counts are nearly as important as people make them out to be.
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