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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
I get that, but a few wins means nothing in comparison to a better opportunity to draft a potential future building block for the future.
It is much more difficult in baseball to spot that "can't miss" kid. The pool is very large with high school and any college player, not just seniors. The NBA and NFL are able to focus on about two dozen major college programs to find a dozen or so "can't miss" prospects for the draft (every now and then there is a LaBron in high school, but that is very rare). Also the concept of player development is very different in the NBA and NFL. The NHL has more of a MLB approach since they have minor league teams and development squads that practice with the big boys.

You just don't hear about big name kids leading up to the MLB draft like you do with the NBA and NFL. Even the top pick gets a blank response except from those who read all the scouting reports and follow the high school and college games.....

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