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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Any system that requires challenges is not a fair system. It really isn't instant replay. It is just something to shut up fans demanding instant replay.
Any advancement of IR in the sport is a move in the positive direction, but I agree that this is woefully short-ended. It essentially keeps the onus of checking on umpires in the hands of team's personnel instead of (as it should be) on MLB and the umps.

It's a shame, too, as MLB could have really moved to the forefront of embracing modern technology and instead, seems content to play second fiddle to the NFL, which is ironic in that the NFL is moving away from it's original IR policy now that the league mandates all scoring and turnover plays be reviewed automatically.

Perhaps one day down the line, we'll look at this step as a positive move in MLB's eventual usage of full IR capabilities, but today, it looks like a stinker than no one likes; traditionalists hate how much this will encroach on the game and modernists shake their head at how backward it is. Somehow MLB continues to plot a course for the future and take no steps forward.

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