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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
After 120 games, the 2013 Sox (46-74) are 3 games up on the infamous 1970 squad (43-77). In game 120, the '70 team lost to the Washington Senators in 10 innings 5-6 at RFK Stadium on 8/14/70:

Tommy John started the game and Wilbur Wood took the loss.

By the way, in 1970 the average price of a new car was $3,500 and the average price of a house was $25,000.
Interesting that the average price of a house was about twice the major league minimum salary and now the average price of a house less than half the major league minimum.

The 1970 White Sox lost 13 of the last 16 games, the games Chuck Tanner managed at the end of the season. The team didn't trade away any veterans midseason, though as the current team has. They did allow Aparicio to go home a week early after he broke the games-played-at-shortstop record.

The 1970 White Sox actually claimed a veteran reliever off waivers in September, much to the anger of the pitcher, Steve Hamilton, who had been headed to a contender if he had cleared waivers. It was quite a year for Hamilton who on one hand threw a pitch that inspired an Indians hitter to slash his wrists and quit baseball. It ended with a whimper in the cold White Sox bullpen, out of which he got only three innings of work to end his American League career.
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