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Originally Posted by cub killer View Post
I say they should only allow the minimum if the call is overturned. So for your Alexei example, he would get 1st, and that's it. No speculating on how far he'd have gotten if it was fair. That's kinda foolish, sandlotish. So it's up to the manager to challenge it if he feels Alexei won't get an extra base it if he gets more swings.

To summarize:

1. Alexei hits a foul ball down the LF line where the LFielder slips and comes no where near it. The foul ball ruling is challenged, then overturned. Ruling- SINGLE.

2. Runner on 3rd, 0 out. A hitter hits a line drive trapped by the center fielder, ruled a catch, leaving him down long enough for the runner to tag and score. The manager challenges the out call, and it is overturned. Ruling- SINGLE, RUNNER REMAINS ON 3RD. Still 0 out.

3. Runners on 1st and 2nd. A ground ball is hit to the 2nd baseman, he throws to 1st, runner is out. On the throw, runners advance, then the 1st baseman throws to 3rd to get the runner there. The 3rd baseman misses it, causing both runners to score.

Manager challenges the out call, and it is overturned. Ruling- SAFE AT 1ST, BASES NOW LOADED.
I completely disagree with this entire post. A player tags up and scores on a trapped ball, but has to go back to 3rd if the play is ruled a hit? That makes zero sense.
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