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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
Well, I'm no fan of the pitch count obsession either, as I think TDog has argued time and time again that it's likely not only the accumulation of pitches that affects a pitcher, but also how high pressure his pitching situations are, as well. But I also don't think today's pitchers are any more or less fragile than ever before.
It's possible, maybe even likely that both of you are better baseball analysts than I am. I still must disagree strongly with points. Maybe "fragile" isn't the best choice of words but how long has it been since someone threw 300+ innings or pitched 20+ complete games? OK, I'll change the word to durable. I mean just analyze the stats over the years. What better evidence do you need? As for pressure situations, I don't know what to think of that. I try to read TDog's posts but don't remember the one about "pressure situations." If I'm dense so be it but I don't think pitchers today are necessarily in more or less pressure situations than in the days of Rube Waddell or Walter Johnson. Maybe more so in the early part of the 20th Century when scoring runs were at such a premium. I think training methods have changed. I can't remember the last time I saw a pitcher with his wind breaker on doing pre game wind sprints. Or long toss. Also look at minor league box scores. Most starting pitchers are only asked to go 5-7 innings. It's just another part of baseball that has changed in my lifetime.
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