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Putting a strain on relief pitchers has been mentioned as a result of low pitch counts by starters. It should be noted that the 1967 Sox had 5 reliefers with 85+ innings that year while the 2005 Sox had 1 at 70 innings. The facts are that all pitchers used to throw more pitches than they do now. This could have been because they were pampered less, threw different pitches, the height of mound prior to 68 and they pitched through injuries. Conditioning could also be a factor, the amount of pitches and innings pitched are now restricted at an early age. Back in the day there were no restrictions and its possible that arm strength was increased due to pitching more often. Mechanics could have also been adjusted due to the amount one pitched. The one thing that is for certain is that the human body has not gotten weaker over the past generation.

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