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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I don't see how that could possibly be the conclusion of what I wrote.

While posters here have been ridiculing Ken Harrelson's "will to win" comment, mostly arguing they would rather have numbers, they failed to notice the player on the team who pretty much had the best all-around offensive numbers wasn't really helping the Sox because he didn't seem to care about winning to a large degree. He didn't have the will to win. He came out strong after he was benched for a game because he didn't run out a ground ball that cost the Sox a run and possibly a game. He had a good series against the Sox in Chicago when he was motivated to show what he could do. The Blue Jays signed him to a huge contract because of his talents. The White Sox picked up his contract without giving up any players because of his talents. But if you've watched Rios play this season and watched Garcia play since he was brought up, you can compare more than their talents.

I'm not a Ken Harrelson fan, but anyone dismissing that comment should have taken a look at Rios to get a better understanding of what he was saying.

Maybe Rios will find motivation with the Rangers, but if you've watched him play since he signed that huge contract, you can see he doesn't have much of an inherent will to win.
You responded to a quote that said Garcia's current slash rates were higher than Rios' by stating they weren't on the day Rios was traded to the Rangers. Since you were making a statistical comparison I thought you were arguing for keeping Rios due to his superior slash line compared to Garcia on the day Rios was traded. My apologies for making an incorrect inference that statistical comparison was your intent.
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