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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
The reasons for bringing up someone in september are a longer bench in a playoff run, to rest a aging vet so hes well prepared for next year, a test for a minor leaguer who is in the plans for next year and filling a position because of injury. Bringing up the likes of Morel, Tekotte, Gimenez,Troncoso, Castro means meal money, minimum mlb salary, housing and travel which adds up and makes no sense. I see very few if any minor league position players that should be in the mix of making the big league club next year. The Sox currently have enough young pitchers to look at on the staff. The Sox have never been one that pisses money away and this would basically be that. And no I have not read this and I doubt they would ever say this due to the bad PR it would bring but it does make sense.
Some of the players you mentioned will be getting paid as major leaguers whether or not they are called up in September, meal money and travel expenses notwithstanding. While contenders bring up potential role players, even non-contending teams should expand their pitching staffs. It isn't just a matter of looking at players for the future. Most teams, certainly the White Sox,l have been in games this year where they ran out of pitchers and needed to use pitchers in games where they didn't want to use them. Of course, ever team expands their catching.which the Sox are doing.

The White Sox don't need to call up a Darren Ford to pinch run, and there might not be many prospects the Sox want to break into the majors, but expeanding the roster can help the Sox get through the season in as close to one piece as possible.
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