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Originally Posted by wassagstdu View Post
My opinion is only one of the hundreds of the Sox' remaining fan base, but you seem to think a professional sports team is above the opinions of its fans. You go ahead and accept 2013, your privilege. I think there is no good excuse for it.

I doubt that the loss of AJ by itself caused a 30-game swing, but I think it entirely possible that the leadership vacuum it created made the difference between a respectable (Of course the Sox don't need my respect.) season and an embarrassing one. If you are OK with it, fine.
This wasn't a hard move to figure out. Pierzynski only has a few years left and the Sox weren't contending with him. They had a few catchers in the system that needed to get a look.

They both look like bums, but the Sox had to move forward. Everybody should be OK with the Sox looking towards the future.

The present is ugly.
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