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Originally Posted by wassagstdu View Post
They knew Flowers had a problem and yet they let AJ walk. Unbelievable and inexcusable. Not only did the Sox flop without AJ but Flowers never got a fair shot. Wow.

The timeline is key, but it sounds like at the very least the Sox failed to do due diligence on the extent of Flowers' injury before deciding to let AJ go. Major screw-up with major consequences.
On CSN, it was reported that Flowers started feeling the pain about a year ago but DID NOT TELL ANYONE until last week. He wanted to play through it because of the opportunity being presented to him. What "due diligence" did the Sox fail to perform? If were Flowers, I might have done the same thing given that the Sox would have signed someone to be the starter in my place for 2013 if there was a question about my shoulder.

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