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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGirl View Post
In my opinion, this is the wrong approach. If you want to keep Sale on a pitch count at this time of the year when you're out of it, that's fine. In fact, Rick Hahn was on The Score's final Hit & Run show of the season on Sunday morning and said Sale is on a "relaxed pitch count of 110." I'm OK with that. However, shutting him down altogether is silly because, like you said, how is he ever going to be stretched out to the point where he can pitch effectively into October? We saw what happened last September when Sale was pitching in uncharted territory; he was ineffective. Presumably, the Sox will eventually get back to the playoffs at some point during Sale's current five-year contract and when they do, they're going to need an effective and dominant Chris Sale if they want to be successful.

Im in agreement with that.
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