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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
The Sox completely mismanaged their catching situation over the past year. They absolutely butchered it, and they deserve every ounce of criticism they get.

First of all, Flowers sucks. Even an amateur like me knew before the season started he was going to be a complete disaster as an everyday player. He is not nearly as good a defender as the Sox claim he is, and he's horse**** at the plate. He did not "just need more at-bats," as so many said. His approach is awful, and the results reflected that.

On top of that, he was less than 100 percent coming into the season, and the Sox obviously knew that. They still chose to go into the year with him and a career minor-leaguer (Gimenez) as their "big-league" catching combo. Even a blind man could see this was going to be a complete fail.

Yes, I was one of the people who wanted to bring Pierzynski back. Yes, he's one of my favorite players. I make no apology for that. But I didn't want to bring him back to thank him for 2005 or any of the other smart-ass **** that people say. I wanted to bring him back because he's a far superior player to any of the **** the Sox have been trotting out behind the plate this year. This isn't second-guessing either. I've been saying it since before the season.

And we said it last December, too...

Now ’05 is over – it’s seven years gone,
And now the decisions are made by Rick Hahn.
He likes Tyler Flowers and so do the scouts;
They’re oh so impressed by his many strikeouts.
A.J. was a grinder; the kind of a guy
Who actually hit when a fastball came by.
Pierzynski was more than a sentimental favorite -- he was a hell of a ballplayer. He'll never make the Hall of Fame but I've no doubt in my mind that an obstreperous guy like him is a difference-maker. There's absolutely no comparison between Flowers and Pierzynski, except as polar opposites.

Would A.J. have prevented this year's defensive meltdown? I don't know. But I do know he would've been much better in place of Flowers.
- tebman

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