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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Yeah, I thought Johnson actually pitched pretty well, that one bad inning he had, the Yankees 4-run 4th was set up by his own error (though, is Pleasac is correct that that is a thing Johnson struggles at, he will have to improve fielding his position) and then a few softly hit balls that just found the right spot. What can you do?

That one pitch though where he sawed off Ichiro was really nice. Tight and tailing in on the hands, he absolutely destroyed him. Unfortunately, that was the play that underthrew to 1st and really started the unraveling of that inning.
I agree, he did a solid job all things considered. Another factor to consider is nerves. It's tough to evaluate a guy making his MLB debut. Especially when you consider he was making his debut at Yankee Stadium and facing the likes of Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki, Robinson Cano, etc. Players he likely watched on TV growing up. Players in their debut have extra adrenaline and butterflies that probably make them perform differently than they normally do. We will have to see how he responds in his next few starts now that he is officially in "the show".
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