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Default Todays Chicago Sun Times

Bill Veeck always beefed about the coverage the Cubs received in Chicago. He realized the media favored the Cubs over the White Sox. Former White Sox announcer Don Drysdale (former HOF who pitched in New York and LA) couldn't believe the media bias here in Chicago towards the Cubs. I realize that Saturday is usually a slow news day but todays Sun Times outdid themselves again. 90% of todays FRONT PAGE consists of the story of Budweiser Beer is going to be the new sign in right field in Wrigley Field next year. I would think most people (even Cubs Fans) don't care what kind of sign is up in Wrigley Field. And this type of story definitely doesn't belong on the front page. I just hope I never to live to see the day when the Cubs actually win a pennant or World Series. The White Sox would be completely buried here. I've often wondered what would happen here if the White Sox played the Cubs in a World Series and the White Sox won the series. Would the media downplay the White Sox winning the series, or would they play the Ron Santo blame game?
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