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Originally Posted by Jurr View Post
Viciedo has NO GLOVE. He was picked up to provide power from a corner outfield position. He's a hole and a hat. Dump him.

For a team that plays in USCF, to have this little power production is laughable.

Mass firings should ensue along with a
wholesale roster overhaul.
I hope Dunn and Konerko both retire to allow this team to have a ton of cash to spend on younger players who actually give a **** about baseball.

I suggest that Reinsdorf put the team up for auction and lay off every employee to include the vendors, security, parking attendants, everyone. They should also release all the players on the roster and start from scratch.

I feel this is a realistic plan and the fastest way back to fielding a competitive team.

Oh, wait, this is what a rebuild looks like? The rebuild everyone was calling for? Where the team is going to be various scents of garbage for a while as the pieces are reassembled?

Huh...who knew?
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