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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
And the attendance figures for the Cubs, as with all major league teams, are inflated since no-shows are counted. In reality, Cubbie attendance has taken a bigger hit.

Not surprising since the Cubs have a 9-game losing streak in the playoffs where they were outscored 57-20. They have not won a post-season game in 10 years and that was two games before Bartman.

The clincher for many Cub fans was 2008 when the team won 97 games only to get swept our of the playoffs. One loss included an error made by every player in the infield. Of course, that marked 100 years without a championship.

Rickets thought he could draw people by dressing like Harry Carey. He found out even goofy Cub fans had their limit. The press is hero-worshiping Theo but if he doesn't deliver, Cub attendance will become a bigger problem. And it's about time.
The linked article mentions it and I've posted here before about the "announced attendance" (and got bashed by the person who started this thread, go figure...). For all the boasting by the Cubbies, their fans and the media about the Cubbies popularity and their attendance, it's surprising to me how little coverage their actual attendance gets. Good to see Gordon W. write about it.

I heard a very brief segment of the Cubbies radio broadcast today at around 3:30PM. They mentioned there was "the wave" going around Wrigley today. Les Grobstein's head must have exploded as he's claimed regularly that the wave never happens at Wrigley.

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