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Another thing I learned today comes courtesy of Jeff Samardzija, in an article in today's Tribune about the possibility of the Cubs losing 50 games at home this year. According to Jeff, they were "lights out at home" last year, and "kind of struggling on the road to get their rhythm".

Hmm....a quick look back at their 2012 season (that would be a 101 loss season) - shows they were 38-43 at home, and 23-58 on the road. So, 5 games under .500 is "lights out" now ? 35 games under .500 is "kind of struggling" on the road ?

This is good to know, because by those standards, the White Sox, 32-34 at home so far, are LIGHTS OUT at U.S. Cellular. I don't feel so bad now.......
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