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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I have been waiting for a few years for the peripheral stat fans to see how damaging strikeouts are to an offense and come up with an OPS thing that adjusts for strikeouts, subtracting a strikeout percentage from the combined percentages. Maybe it's already being calculated somewhere, but all I hear from stats people I talk to is that strikeouts are irrelevant.
TDog: You lost me. A strikeout is no more damaging than any other out that counts against a batter. I think the only time an "out" can be productive is when an error occurs. That would be an AB considered an out but is positive for the offense. So a foul out is just as bad as a strikeout. Now if the batter tags up on a foulout, it is a sacrifice and not considered an AB. But the majority of strikeouts are just as bad as a regular out so treating strikouts different would be misleading.
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