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Originally Posted by Railsplitter View Post
Hawk has said on numerous occasions the whoever won that ALCS was going to win the Series. One of the reasons I was apprehensive about the Sox 2005 was the 1983 team, which I believe to have been better.

I was bummed when the Sox lost, but got over it once the Series was over.

Anybody who saw the end of the 1976 ALCS will understand why it may not be a good idea to let people run out onto the field.
I'm on the fence about the 83 team being the best, I thought we were a little bit weak at third base and shortstop. Vance Law was a fine fielder but not much with the bat and we could have done a lot better than Dibber and Fletcher at shortstop.
Coming up to bat for our White Sox is the Mighty Mite, Nelson Fox.
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