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Originally Posted by Moses_Scurry View Post
I was there. I was 10 years old, and it was the second year of what became somewhat of an annual tradition to go to a Sox game for my father's birthday, which is also today. He bought tickets in April to take me to the game long before we had any idea that they would win the division. I remember the fans on the field, but we didn't get to do it as we had upper deck seats. We stayed awhile after the game to watch the celebration and listened to the post-game show on the drive home. We ended up getting home around 1 or 2 in the morning since we lived about a hundred miles west of Chicago. I remember being pretty excited for the fireworks after Harold's HR. In 1982 we went to a night double header against the A's, but there were no HRs, so I really wanted to see the fireworks.

He bought tickets in 1984 hoping to predict what day they would clinch it again. That game wasn't nearly as fun.
I was 12 and we went for my Father's birthday too, but decided to go last minute. He ran over to TicketTron at the Sportsmart that afternoon. We were in the RF UD under the roof so we didn't get drenched by the downpour. My rear end was nice and comfy sitting on a Yago Sangria Sox seat cushion!
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