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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I just can't get excited over the wild card race, knowing that one team will beat the other in one arbitrary game after playing 162 meaningful ones.

Still think this was a scam fueled by tv contractors to try and sneak the Yankees and Red Sox in every year.

If you're going to expand the playoffs, then expand the playoffs. Kind of sucks that you have a whole pennant race then decide the real playoff team by playing one game.

Plus there's that whole ludicrous home/away switch after the one-game wild card playoff that only the deepest/most bankrolled teams that win the wild card can maintain competitive balance.

The sooner Bud is out and we get a decent commissioner again, the better,
And in the 2 years they've had it neither team has been (or will be) involved in the game. Such a scam.
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