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The 1983 team was a terrific ball club. Yes, a little weak at SS and 3B, but the pitching was excellent, especially the starting rotation. They caught fire in the second half of the season when LaRussa inserted Fisk into the #2 spot in the lineup and ran away with the AL West.

I also still believe that if we had gotten to game #5 playing at home with Hoyt on the mound the Sox would have gone to the Series and won it all. Burns pitched the game of his life in #4, but the Dibber's brain fart on the bases cost the Sox the game.

As for the Chairman's remarks about Harry and Jimmy, it was a cheap shot. Reinsdorf still had a hard on for those two, even though they were no longer a part of the organization. I loved Harry and Jimmy, but I also understand that their cavalier attitude and caustic comments about the players and coaches caused a lot of problems. Their time was up and they had to go if the Sox were going to move forward. But there was no need at that time for Reinsdorf to even bring up their names, let alone rip them.

Great memories. Thanks. It doesn't seem like it was 30 years ago.
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