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I was there that night and Bo's homer makes my top 10 list of favorite Sox moments I have witnessed live. The crowd was delirious when he hit that towering fly that just kept going.

It's an incredible feeling to clinch something at home, especially being part of the crowd. In 2005 the division, the ALDS, the ALCS and the Series were all won on the road. In 2000 they also clinched on the road. They did win the blackout game in 2008 at home, another top 10 moment for me.

The 1993 game was on a Monday night and I remember ordering tickets over the phone with Ticketbastard (no internet obviously). We got there on Monday to pick up the tickets at will call and the line was around the block, a lot of other people had the same idea anticipating a clinch. We missed the first two innings but it was a night to remember. Unfortunately the Jays were a better team in 1993...
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