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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Agreed. To me, there are 3 guys I love, and 1 guy I keep an eye on. Then see who bombs this year and who shoots up the charts...

Carlos Rondon

Tyler Beede

Either of those 2 are fine, presuming no blow ups and they stay healthy. Both those guys are quick to the pros and behind Sale could provide a Verlander/Scherzer caliber 1-2 punch!!!

Offensively, I LOVE SS Jacob Gatewood. The ceiling on this kid, I would not be shocked if he went 1 or 2. He is that good. His power is special. His glove may play at SS, but even if he moves to 3rd, you could be looking at the next David Wright.

I keep an eye on Alex Jackson as well, because a catcher with his skills are rare.

Its early, but this is the right draft to have a high pick and a lot of money!

Lastly, a sleeper to keep an eye on to me is Michael Conforto... I don't know if he gets into the top 3... but this kid, I see a young Magglio Ordonez. Great control of the bat, good power, great eye, serviceable defensively, does not run that great, but he is going to hit. I had hoped he fell to us in round 2. We will have to see, I think he hits his way into round 1.
Beede is my guy going into 2014. I wouldn't be surprised if he is the #2 pick after Rondon. Alex Jackson is super as well.
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