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Originally Posted by DrCrawdad View Post
'Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a Cubbie fan scorned...'
Nah....not really. They are the stupidest, most blissfully ignorant fans in all of pro sports. Their team hasn't won a championship in 105 years and counting. They haven't even been to a championship series in 68 years. That is the worst/longest drought in all four leagues. Yet, there they are, year after year, acting like their team is on par with a Yankees or Cardinals as far as history and championships. There they are, year after year, telling anyone who will listen that they are the greatest, most awesome-est fans ever in the history of anything, and that Wrigley Field is as sacred and historical as anything that ever existed. They've been pissed and **** on, laughed at, and history (and baseball almanac) has proven them to be stunningly na´ve and ignorant about their team and the "swagger" they carry around just by being Cub fans (and "Cubs Game" fans). After all this, every year, they are back. Back at the Cubbie convention with their Mardi Gras beads and Cubbie rose colored glasses. Back at Wrigley, singing and dancing to Go Cubs Go after a rousing mid-April victory over the Marlins to improve their record to 6-11. Sure, every so often, they rumble and grumble about something, like in 2006 when a few fans organized a boycott after the season, and symbolically burned their Cubs stuff, (did it again following playoff collapses in '07 an '08). But it's always hubris. This latest "scorn" will soon be forgotten. Within the next few weeks, the Holy Trinity of Theo/Hoyer/Green will unveil whomever the latest savior manager will be, and they will lap it up like pre-chewed cud just like they always predictably do.
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