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Originally Posted by palehozenychicty View Post
How do you not go with Bartolo in this game? He's your best pitcher. Just like how the Bravos didn't use Kimbrel in an elimination game. Brutal. These are the playoffs! You play to win.

It is clear why certain teams don't fare well in the postseason (Braves, A's). The names change, but their style doesn't work.

They feast on weak divisions, and then they seem to lose that sense of urgency when the playoffs hit. You see it in the managerial decisions, the players' fundamental mistakes, etc.

Any playoffs without them is cool with me.
Are you suggesting the A's play in a weak division?

I wouldn't blame the manager for not starting Colon, if only because Thursday night it wouldn't have made a difference. That's the way it appears from looking at the accounts anyway. I missed the game, ironically because I Had business in Oakland Thursday. I had to deal with the I-880 traffic, which was a parking lot for several exists in the direction I wasn't driving. Big-screen television advertising billboards on the freeway were giving up ad space for the message "BEAT DETROIT".

I knew the A's were in trouble when I was in an East Bay bookstore in the evening and a customer came in looking for a "used and distressed" A's bobblehead. Before heading home, I stopped at an In-N-Out where the immediate postgame, post-postseason crowd of green-and-gold and silver-and-black clad customers sought comfort. Not that I was smiling under a Tigers cap, something I do not own. But watching their suffering was one of my personal 2013 baseball season highlights, just as the most joy I derived from the 2003 season was seeing the agony of the Cubs fans at work the day after the 2013 season ended.

The A's simply got beat. It wasn't the manager's fault. They had the lead late in Game 4 with their elite bullpen in the game. Not quite five outs away, though. Starting a pitcher whose career was revived through chemistry wouldn't have made a difference in a game where Verlander was doing his best impression of the Verlander of baseball legend. For the second year in a row, the A's season ended with a Game 5 loss to the Tigers, and I don't believe playing in an easy division, easier even than the more successful Tigers, apparently, had anything to do with it.
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