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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
He was a big acquisition, and the media was drawn to him because of it, as well as the fact that the only other guy in the locker room who was any good for a quote on anything was Ozzie. Fans would have called him an ******* if every newspaper article printed about the Sox had a Jake Peavy "No comment" attached to it.
They probably would have. But there's likely a middle ground between "no comment" and fire and brimstone quotes about "effort" and "desire" or whatever.

Honestly I can only recall the gist of what he says as opposed to specifics because I don't care what any athlete says; only what he does. And its what Peavy didn't do here and very recently in Boston that's the real driving factor in guys mocking him. But mocking him isn't hate; its just a natural response that many have to anyone who says ANYTHING and then doesn't produce.

Sports fans are rarely forgiving to the non-performer. I think his comments have been pretty benign overall but its no big mystery to me why guys rip Jake.
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