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Originally Posted by happydude View Post
I don't think anyone hates him. I think people resent the fact that his actual performance on the mound leaves something to be desired and, thus, would prefer he said little or nothing at all. Personally, I doubt he's any more "passionate" or "desperate to win" than any other professional athlete. His comments aren't boastful so what he says is no big deal to me one way or the other but I can see why guys get sick of hearing it after a while.
I don't know, maybe it was the 800 times he called himself a bulldog or talked about his will to win. Some people get tired of hearing that kind of stuff, or they get the wrong impression about a guy. He was an above average pitcher in his time with the White Sox but he did not live up to our expectations, and as a result there's a fair amount of Sox fans who think of him as "all hat, no cattle." I don't really blame them. I'm greatful that he brought us Avisail Garcia in return, but I'm also glad that someone else is paying him.
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