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Originally Posted by RCWHITESOX View Post
The worst! I don't think so. There were quite a few pitchers who were worse than he was last year. Just on the White Sox staff alone there was Danks and Axelrod.
If every pitcher better than Axelrod was making 17.5/mil a year, the average pitching staff would run about 200 million a year. Just having to bring up Axelrod should nail home the point. If you have to cite Axelrod's performance in a single season where he should have been playing semi-pro ball to begin with to dispute a claim that Lincecum is the worst pitcher overall over the last two years, only says to me that the claim Lincecum was the worst over those two years has validity.

I wouldn't agree Danks was worse, either, when you consider ballpark factors and the fact the Sox had a far inferior defense.

I'm starting to think people are disagreeing just because its blandman...paying 17.5 million for a guy you wouldn't even put in your playoff rotation is ridiculous.
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