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Originally Posted by balke View Post
Doesn't address the "double toe-tap" I read as a complaint before. People have praised his ability to read the ball and say the bat speed isn't bad. His swing is being categorized as slow - because of his double toe-tap. I guess it's just not a great way to time a major league pitch for some people.

I have read that a toe-tap in general is utilized by some of the best hitters in baseball.

I think this is the kind of signing I like. This guy can hit, period. If he doesn't hit in the MLB, it will be a problem linked to something mechanical. To me that's just a gamble worth taking.

The toughest part would be him identifying pitches and hitting them really far very often. In Cuba - he did that.
Buster Posey, the guy who the article says Abreu's swing resembles, has a delayed stride, similar to a double toe tap.
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