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Originally Posted by Procol Harum View Post
I don't think it would bother me near as much if "our" Sox hadn't been a complete pukefest since the middle of September 2012 and, with the happy, short-lived exception of 2008, been a no-show in the playoffs since our brief, shining moment in the sun 8 years ago. Under those circumstances it becomes an extra layer of icing on our giant cake of contemporary baseball humiliation...
I guess I have the opposite view of this. Since the White Sox have been, at best, playoff pretenders post 2008, i'm not going to complain if the national media refers to the perennial pennant-contending Red Sox as "the Sox". As much as I hate the Red Sox, they have earned being called "the Sox".

How about if White Sox ownership/management turn this team into a frequent pennant contender instead of a perennial 84 win/2nd or 3rd place team with a surprise playoff appearance every ~5 years? Maybe that'll solve the problem of the national media only noticing one "Sox" team.

If the White Sox became a sustained pennant contender and media outlets continued to give the Red Sox a monopoly on the term "the Sox", then i'll find this as something worth complaining about.
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