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In additon to all the above, it's incredible to me that the Sox marketing team strenuously ignores the huge influx of people, tons of them Sox fans, who have moved into the area and reside too close to the Fest site to want or need a hotel room. I'm talking about walking distance or a very short cab ride, people.

I'm guessing it goes something like this: they only get the function rooms on acceptable terms if they give the hotel the room business (plus the money that the hotel makes on food and beverage). If you've tried to have a wedding at a hotel where you are not also commiting to a bunch of rooms, you know what I'm talking about; it costs. Yet it was at the Hyatt for years, with rooms available but optional. So it can be made to work.

But isn't it also in the team's long-term financial interest to take advantage of the young people walking around all over the Loop, West Loop and South Loop in Sox gear? Don't they want fans like like ChiSoxGal, who is still quite young but has gone for 20 years? Have the event at a non-hotel venue, or do whatever you need to do. Good grief, can they still believe that all Sox fans live in the suburbs and will be thrilled to spend a weekend at a downtown hotel (and one in question is, as kittle points out, not very nice)?
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