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Default 151 Days

I just watched a bunch of Red Sox fans celebrate their team win the World Series in their hometown. I like Boston, I like the Red Sox, but sitting there in the bar I didn't feel a thing be cause it wasn't my team.

Do I expect the Sox to do anything next year? Hell no. But could they? Hell yes.

Hope springs eternal, starting now. On October 31 2012 or October 31 2004 very few Sox fans of either color thought they'd be on top of the world one year later.

Opening day is in 151 days. 151 cold, dark days. I bitch as much as anyone about how the Sox are run and how they perform, but right now, even if it's for a day, only because that faint, misguided, hope is what get me through the winter, I believe that next year is our year.

151 days.
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