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Originally Posted by SOX ADDICT '73 View Post
It may have been brought up already in this thread, but is anyone else getting sick of hearing about how "this is the first World Series Boston has won AT HOME since 1918," as if that's some kind of monumental accomplishment? Are they trying to divert our attention from the fact that this "star-crossed" team and their "long-suffering" fans have now won three titles in ten years? Shut up, already.
The White Sox haven't won a World Series at home since 1906. The road in that series was Chicago as well so winning on the road wouldn't have been such a big deal. The other two championships were achieved in New York and Houston. The Cubs fans consider themselves soul mates with the Red Sox fans (note, though, that the Red Sox are the most successful AL team of the beginning of this century just as they were the most successful AL team for the first two decades of the last), And the Cubs have never won the World Series at home. Oddly enough, the Cubs have only won World Series championships in Detroit.

I know White Sox fans are frustrated, at least for as long as I've been alive, but I can't imagine fans would be making a big deal about 1906 if they were on the verge of winning the World Series at home. Maybe that's because 190-whatever is more of a Cubs thing.

But maybe if this winning-at-home thing catches on, the Cubs can be considered to have never won the World Series in any significant way and their fans have justification to pretend 2005 never happened. One can only imagine the parade if it ever happens for the Cubs, as long as it doesn't happen insignificantly in Houston.
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