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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
I have no idea what that first sentence means.

As for the second, the Dodgers were #1 in attendance in 2013. The Giants were #3. The Angels were #7. The Padres had a bad team and still drew 26,000 fans per game (nearly 400,000 more in total than the White Sox). So, the notion that people in California don't travel to ballparks doesn't seem to hold water.
How did the White Sox do in 2006? Maybe we should make statements based on that? The Giants and Angels (even with their singular down season) have been perennial playoff machines. That's what drives their attendance.

You're right that the Padres draw, but San Diego is a weird city in that it's got a large military population that really helps with attendance, and they host several military themed games and programs because of it.

A more apt comparison for the Dodgers would be the Yankees. And even that's not as good because the Dodgers don't share L.A.

My point is there's a million things to do in California compared to cities like Atlanta or any of the smaller cities in the midwest. Add in way worse traffic, and regular trips to the ballpark are not really worth it unless the teams are playing well.
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