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Originally Posted by mrfourni View Post
Sox are locked into their lease until 2029. At that point the stadium will be nearly 40 years old. I'd be willing to bet that with new ownership in place, there will be a lot of talk of building a new park. And I wouldn't be surprised if they used some of the same reasoning the braves are using now.
Yes, I could see the White Sox clamoring for a new stadium at that time. I doubt the state is going to give them anywhere close to such a sweetheart deal at the Cell when this lease is up. Reinsdorf would be in his 90s and it's very likely the Sox will have a new ownership group by then. Even with the successful fixes that have been made to the Cell in the last decade, I could see a new ownership group saying 40 years at the Cell is enough and wanting to start from the ground up to get the ballpark completely right this time. The Cell is JR's baby - a new owner won't necessarily feel any sentimentality to it.

That being said, this would only happen if Sox ownership comes up with a way to privately finance almost all the cost of a new park. There's no way the State is going to be giving the Sox much in the way of public funding again.

Also, my guess is that any new ballpark would be built just north of the Cell on the site of Old Comiskey. I just don't think they're going to find any better site available for a new park.

As far as any of the other MLB parks that were built after the Cell, I expect all of them (except Turner Field) to be still in use in 2029. How long is the Marlins' lease? Maybe they'll be looking to move by 2029 if their lease is up and they continue to draw poorly over the next 2 decades.
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