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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
And it was only pretty young kids that wore caps, if you wore a cap after like the 6th grade you were considered sort of a nerd.
The only caps I bought between the mid 50s and probably the late 80s were a Sox cap and Cub hat that you had to wear as a vendor when I sold Coke or peanuts in the parks in 1962.

Someone mentioned the cameras, back then they did the whole game with just 3, the CF camera, behind the plate and the 3b camera. Why the 3b camera? Because the WGN booth was located behind the Cubs dugout on the catwalk just below the upper deck. They also used that camera for the 10th inning show as Brick would do a 90 degree turn towards the camera which was located outside and just left of the booth and go on with his interview. At Comiskey the broadcasting booths were behind home plate in the upper deck and they used a camera there and also in CF and the low one behind the plate besides a 3b camera. By the late 60s both parks had first base cameras.

Every once in awhile we got a glimpse of legendary PA announcer Pat Piper, from the CF camera he was just to the left of the backstop screen on the firstbase side. Piper and Sox PA announcer Tates Johnson back then not only did the PA stuff but also supplied the umps with baseballs through out the game.
Thanks for the history lesson Professor.. Yes, if you wore a ball cap past 6th grade you were considered, "eccentric"... Typical Banks at bat in the 10th, in fact , was surprised sweet swinging Billy took a hack at 3-1, he had 2 pitches to look for that low and inside he used to golf onto Sheffield...

I got another one for ya,.. Didnt the screen in back once come all the way down to the field like a big square backstop?.. Dont even talk about a 1st base camera... That one bit the 67 Sox right in the dupa...

Yup we've come a long way from Piper anouncing "Attention, Attention" to music laden strolls up to the plate from the on deck circle...

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