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Originally Posted by BigKlu59 View Post
Thanks for the history lesson Professor.. Yes, if you wore a ball cap past 6th grade you were considered, "eccentric"... Typical Banks at bat in the 10th, in fact , was surprised sweet swinging Billy took a hack at 3-1, he had 2 pitches to look for that low and inside he used to golf onto Sheffield...

I got another one for ya,.. Didnt the screen in back once come all the way down to the field like a big square backstop?.. Dont even talk about a 1st base camera... That one bit the 67 Sox right in the dupa...

Yup we've come a long way from Piper anouncing "Attention, Attention" to music laden strolls up to the plate from the on deck circle...

Klu, the Backstop was a rectangular shape that was rounded to fit the contour of the brick wall. There was netting that extended from the top of the backstop all the way to the top of the roof of the upper deck grandstand and when a batter hit a pop fly behind home plate high up on the netting all the kids in the park would all scream out woooooo as the ball came down the net and little Walter Jocobson was there to grab the ball as it came off the netting and would give it to Pat Piper.
Comiskey's backstop was much the same but the netting was not on such a large scale as Wrigley's as it only extended to the facade of the upper deck.
Batting in the second position for the White Sox, number 2, the second baseman Nelson Fox.

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