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Originally Posted by palehozenychicty View Post
I have been to two A's games against the Twins, coincidentally, and it is all that you have heard and then some.

The Coliseum is not designed for anything, much less baseball.
It's even worse late in non-contending seasons when the baseball field is striped for football. The last game I saw at the coliseum, the last game the Sox played there, I had the misfortune of sitting in front of a fan who was loudly arguing with no one in particular that the coliseum was superior to AT&T, while he wasn't crudely heckling Sox players. In seven seasons of going to the games in Oakland, I've found it to be my least favorite baseball experience.

But this week at Save-Mart, a woman in back of me in line at the checkout was wearing an A's T-shirt. The cashier said he was still in mourning, and the woman said she would recover by April without being more specific about what they were talking about. And I live an hour east of the East Bay.

Really, I would find moving the A's to the South Bay or even out of state more distasteful than keeping the A's in the coliseum.
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