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Originally Posted by JB98
The problem with signing a stopgap is who are you stopping the gap for? If the Sox had a catching prospect who appeared to be a year or two away from the big leagues, then, yes, you sign a stopgap. Do the Sox have that player? I'm not sure they do.

It comes down to whether the Sox are looking for a long-term solution at the position, and whether they think Salty is that solution. If they believe so, then pay the money and get him in here. If not, then they need to pursue other avenues. I think catcher is a position that needs to be addressed this offseason.
There is one other advantage that might present itself with signing a stopgap catcher to a 1-year deal, but it's kind of a risk. If the guy we sign puts up a nice first half, then a contender that needs a catcher at the trade deadline might give up something in a trade that could help accelerate the rebuild. If the guy we sign does nothing, then the return for him in a deadline deal will be minimal, and we wasted a half-season of starts that could have been used to develop a player who might fit into the long-term plans of the team.

Either way, though, it seems that something majorly catastrophic would need to happen for the catcher position to provide less value to the organization in 2014 than it did in 2013, where the only positive outcome was finding out that Tyler Flowers is not a capable major league catcher.
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