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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oh, for ****'s sake, get over yourself, there isn't anybody who PREFERS a walk to a hit, there are just people who are smart enough to realize a walk is better than an out. Jesus ****ing Christ.
When Alexei Ramirez was a rookie and hitting over .310, there were posts complaining that he didn't walk enough. There were posters here who criticized Miguel Cabrera for not walking enough during his triple-crown season. I see the criticism all the time at WSI. Absent my post, an your response to it, I have no question someone would have questioned whether Eaton walks enough.

I had just finished a story that talked about Eaton's minor league on-base percentage, without mentioning that he hit about .380 in pretty much a full season in Reno in 2012. But he didn't walk a lot.
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