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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I really don't care about exciting moves. I want a GM with a real plan, that can build a sustainable winner. Kenny Williams had 2 playoff appearances to his name. He averaged 84 wins per year as a GM. Nothing about him was special except 2005.

I think Rick gets it. I think Rick has the baseball intelligence to build a team that can compete for years. Not every once in a while.

Yes, 2005 was an anomaly, that was the KW model. Fluke is a bad word. More, Kenny built teams capable of catching lightning in a bottle, and if/when they did, they could be dangerous. 1 year they caught lightning in a bottle.

I think Rick wants to build teams capable of winning 90 games per year, and hope they play to expectations. Not win 84 a year and hope they over achieve.

And 2012 was not bad, but it was not the prettiest brand of baseball, and the choke was really not fun to endure.

I do agree, some fans are like me, results driven. I don't enjoy bad baseball. To me, if you don't make the playoffs, its a bad year. Its not the best way to enjoy the game, but just the way I am wired.

I don't buy TV's and hope the picture is good enough. I don't buy a car hoping it does not break down, and I don't follow sports hoping to just be ok. I look at what Rick Hahn is doing and say FINALLY. I am extremely excited about the outlook of the White Sox.

Get ready to be miserable for the next 3-4 years, cuz they are not making the playoffs for a few years. ...84 wins might seem like a far off goal.

Cannot have it both ways...face it, by your standard, you will enjoy about Sox baseball about 1 season in 10..... that is 90% misery for you.
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