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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
"Worthless" may be a subjective word in this discussion, but the pile-on is unwarranted when you consider Dunn's true worth to the Sox, which would be the amount of money the Sox would have to eat of the $15 million due for 2014 to trick the Astros into taking Dunn back to the NL to play 1B. Take that dollar amount and apply it to the expected offensive production from Dunn (sub .200 hitter with record breaking strikeouts, only one of six qualifying major leaguers with a negative WAR last year).

I actually agree with the original poster. Dunn is about as worthless of a major league player, applying his contract to the situation, that has ever existed.

Edit- to be fair, Konerko was also one of those six negative WARs last year. However, to my point, he's making a buck and a half next season.
That was not the point to be made that has upset everyone. He said he would be worthless at a .900 OPS. Adam Dunn at a .900 OPS out of the DH position, where his negative WAR would be minimized, would likely be a 3-4 WAR player. Furthermore, its easy to say Dunn at 4 WAR is earning his 15 mil.

Yes, we all agree Dunn has been, to quote a famous WSI poster, a Bust of Epic Proportions. But if Dunn put up a .900 OPS, he would not be. That is the point everyone got pretty annoyed by. At that point, dude is just being a hater.
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