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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
That was not the point to be made that has upset everyone. He said he would be worthless at a .900 OPS. Adam Dunn at a .900 OPS out of the DH position, where his negative WAR would be minimized, would likely be a 3-4 WAR player. Furthermore, its easy to say Dunn at 4 WAR is earning his 15 mil.

Yes, we all agree Dunn has been, to quote a famous WSI poster, a Bust of Epic Proportions. But if Dunn put up a .900 OPS, he would not be. That is the point everyone got pretty annoyed by. At that point, dude is just being a hater.
Exactly. He definitely hasn't earned his paycheck. But to say basically it wouldn't matter had he lived up to expectations stats-wise because he is a loser, thus meaning the teams he plays on would be losers as well is just ridiculous. There are 24 other players on the roster that contribute to the success of a team.

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