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Originally Posted by 34rancher View Post
The point of playing 162 games is to make the playoffs, otherwise the season is a waste. It can be less of a waste if the team is moving towards the playoffs, but it still is a waste. For those of you that are willing to settle for mediocrity, I'm sorry I was spoiled by 2000,2005, and 2008. I hate that this decade has been a waste to the tigers so far. I hate that we are at a time where we could easily be competing in even a wild card scenario and we seem to be toiling in mediocrity to almost having the worst season in white sox history.
I said it the day Adam Dunn was signed, welcome to playoff-less baseball. The man has the worst off season workout routine, refuses to change his swing at all costs, and is completely overrated. So while a player may not win a division by himself, it only takes 1 cell to have cancer. I don't want young talent emulating him and his approach to the game. He is the kind of player that people try to use stats to put on a pedastal. Well I put up a stat that he and rios are rapidly moving up the all time list in. His stats don't win, thus I called him worthless on my team. Often stats are used to explain losing or why others win. I didn't hear too many people using stats to explain the world series champs except pitching. Winners don't focus too much on stats other than winning.
And for those of you listing Marino, I would refute that he did make the playoffs several times. A perfect example is the bears game Sunday. Cutlers stats are way better than Rodgers. Do you hear packer fans caring? It's about winning and the playoffs. For fun, read the wiki page of Dunn. Interesting comments about him.
As for this season, I'm excited to see the young players, I'm just not optimistic about the playoffs, thus I see a lot of wasted time in my 2014 future. Hope that makes sense.
On what planet does Cutler have better stats that Rodgers? Do you mean that one game in isolation? Yeah Cutler had a better game than Rodgers, Forte also had a better game than Lacey, do you want to debate that as well? Now Conte is another matter.
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