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Originally Posted by CHISOXFAN13 View Post
Saw a story today that Frank and Maddux were the only two candidates to be on the ballots of the 17 ESPN writers with a vote.

I've been obsessively following Darren Viola on Twitter for the last week watching the ballots get posted. I was worried it was going to be close, but I agree with you. He's a lock.

Time to start planning the trip!
My dad and I have been talking about it since he retired. I've also wanted to go to Fenway most of my life, so we might fly into Boston, rent a car and drive to Cooperstown, then drive back to Boston and catch a Red Sox game before flying back. (unfortunately the Red Sox only come back home after the inductions)

EDIT: Or we might drive to Cooperstown, jaunt over to Boston for a day or two and Fenway, then drive back and hit Cleveland (we've never been to the Jake) on the way back.

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