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I don't collect bobbleheads, and don't really care if it is Elvis Night or Polish Night when I go to games as I really just care about the game. But I do understand a lot of people are really into these things, and I find nothing wrong with that. One question I have though, why is it Elvis Night, Mullet Night...are all stale, Boyer needs new ideas, are on one hand, and on the other hand Boyer has a new idea with the video intro, and considering it gets played 81 times a year, it has to be at least as stale as a once a year promotion, and he gets ripped for changing that? Just like the patch on the sleeve. It seems to me he can't win. If he changes something, it should never be changed, but if he doesn't change some things, he is considered horrible at his job. I do know one promotion last year was those 1983 bomber hats that went over well. I see a lot of those in use these days.
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