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I agree. It seems like Brooks digs up the same ole' Word document each year on his computer, changes the dates, and submits it for approval. You would think especially after last year, they'd try some fresh ideas. How hard is it to brainstorm?

How 'bout:

Carnival weekend...hire some carny outfit to bring in rides for the kids. Set it up in the parking lot and sell discounted fair food, carny games with Sox prizes, etc.

Space Exploration spaced themed movie clips and games between innings, hire former astronauts to sign autos and take pics. No offense, but my son would rather meet an astronaut than Ron Kittle.

Olympics Day...same idea as above. One of my son's favorite pictures, is of him holding an Olympic Gold medal, after meeting Matt Grevers.

There, that took 30 seconds of thought. Are they feasible? Who knows? But damn, try something different.
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